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A collection of resources for all stages of science production, from invited advanced researchers.

Learning from the shared experience of Journal Editors, Professors, Researchers from ULB and other universities, and dozens of curated resources, we're setting up a step-by-step guide to help you achieve your PhD

How did we build it?

The goal of this guide is to help you uncover resources online and help you become independent in managing your PhD

1. From Experts only

All of our resources and seminars are created by inviting internationally renowned Editors-in-chief of high-impact factor journals, prolific scientific authors, or directly from ULB's vetted resources.

2. For all research fields

We make all of our openly accessible. Our approach is rooted in the idea of open science (production) and sharing. We aim to offer resources for all research fields.

3. Exclusive to PhDs

We are the science production branch of the PhD and Post-Doc society of ULB, and as such only allow PhDs in the team. This keeps our direction tied to a pure bottom-up approach, ensuring the relevancy of the material.

This is possible thanks to our worldwide contributors ➔


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